XoirDrioX Traffic Questions

XoirDrioX Traffic Questions is a page intending to answer common questions.

Rules and regulations

1) Users submitting pornographic or illegal sites will be removed.

 2) Sites containing frame breakers or any type of pop-up forcing a click to continue is strictly prohibited. Rotator sites with even a single bad link will be removed without notice. Platinum members can add a total of 10 sites. A MAXIMUM of 5 sites of those 10 may be rotators. Any rotators greater than 5 will be removed. Members that add these to Lizard Surf may be banned.

 3) Members that have not added sites will not be eligible to earn credits and may be deleted at any time without notice. Members without a valid email address may be removed.

 3) Inactive members may be deleted at any time along with earned credits. Members who do not surf or log in for a period of 60 days will be considered INACTIVE.

 4) Members who join but fail to add a site within 7 days are removed.

5) You must have at least 1 site in the rotation to be eligible to earn credits.

 6) It is your responsibility to be aware of these rules. Not having a valid email is no excuse.

Earning CASH

There is no cash to earn. No money ever changes hands here.

Earning Credits

You will receive your join credits after you have surfed 50 sites.

A progressive ratio is our way of rewarding Members that surf more than others.

When you first start surfing you will notice your ratio is the same as everyone else’s in your membership level, but as you surf it will increase at 5% at a time and your awarded credits for each site will increase right along with it.

The more you surf.. the more value you get for your surfing.

The Next day bonus is something we have set up for Members that surf frequently.

It is a reward that will increase your ratio for the next day by up to 50% as a way of saying ‘Thank you’ for coming back and doing some more surfing so soon.

It’s a great way to build up your credits faster

The Surfing contest is based on Number of Sites visited, NOT by credits earned. Everyone has the SAME chance at winning these bonus credits by surfing.

As you surf we also give away random credits.

You just never know when we are going to give you free credits. We WANT our Members to be happy and we WANT our Members sites to be seen.

Site Problem

When someone reports a site it is immediately taken out of the rotation and given an ‘R’ Status.

The ‘R’ stands for Review.

At this point, the administrators are informed of a problem and will investigate the site. If there is no problem found it is re-activated.

Sometimes a Server will go down for a brief period which will trigger someone to report your site and it will be turned off. Have no fear, the administrators will continue to check your site for a few days before it is removed from the system


When you join, your validation email is sent immediately. If you did not receive it then you may be using an email account with some sort of spam filtering. You may need to check your spam folder and or whitelist us to your list of accepted email senders. You may want to simply try signing up again with a different email address.

I don’t know if you have ever actually tracked the number of visitors you get to your site that SIGN UP, but I have. Even on a Manual Surf site, the percentage of signups per number of visitors is very low. The ONLY people that participate in an Auto Surf program are people that only want credits without any effort. They NEVER actually view your site. They don’t want to. Auto Surf programs are pretty much pointless. Just a lot of people NOT looking at each other sites

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